Ladja Beach Resort features a restaurant with a kitchen open from 08:00 until 22:00. However it can be open till late if you need. You can enjoy drinks with us until 2 am. But if you want, we will serve you afterwards. You may be interested to know that the Sri Lankan beer Lion Lager (4.8%), is very good in taste.

Breakfast is included for every day at the resort. You can choose from a European menu or traditional Sri Lankan delicacies. Breakfast is served from 8.00 to 11.00 am.

Enjoy delicious fish and seafood in Sri Lanka. We will prepare delicious calamari, shrimp and fresh fish, whose availability and price are subject to season (but prices are still very low in comparison with Europe). You will also fall in love with the local seasonal fruit.

The resort does not provide half-board or all-inclusive meals. There are several reasons. Most resorts provide all-inclusive meals only from local produce and drinks. However, we also offer European cuisine and foreign alcoholic beverages, which are significantly more expensive. The extra inclusive fee would thus have to be substantially higher, which would be paid by customers who prefer excellent Asian cuisine. Moreover, even with increased consumption of food, the price often does not reach the level it would be necessary to introduce in all-inclusive meals. For more clarity, we include the menu.

All payments for meals and other services will be paid at the end of your stay either by cash or card.


Vegetable omelette  3,95€ 
Vegetable omelette with cheese 4,95€


Jeffles with vegetables 3,95€
Jeffles with vegetables and cheese 4,95€


Vegetable salad 3,95€
Vegetable salad with pineapple 4,95€


Vegetable Soup, Garlic Soup 3,95€
Tomato Soup, Pumpkin Soup 3,95€
Seafood Soup, Chicken Soup 4,95€


Grilled Fish seasonal price
Devilled Fish seasonal price


Grillled Prawns seasonal price
Devilled Prawns seasonal price


Grilled Calamari seasonal price
Devilled Calamari seasonal price


Grilled Cutlet 6,95€

Fried Noodles

Fried Noodles with Vegetables 5,45€
Fried Noodles with Egg 5,45€
Fried Noodles with Chicken 5,95€
Fried Noodles with Fish 5,95€

Fried Rice

Fried Rice with vegetables 4,95€
Fried Rice with egg 4,95€
Fried Rice with chicken 5,95€
Fried Rice with fish 6,95€


Spaghetti aglio e olio 5,95€
Spaghetti with vegetables 5,95€
Spaghetti with tuna and tomatoes 6,95€


Rice and Curry - vegetable 5,95€
Rice and Curry - fish 6,95€
Rice and Curry - chicken 6,95€

It is possilble to order in the morning. Minimum 2 portions.

Chicken Burgers

Vegetarian Burger  7,95€
Chicken Burger with Cheese 8,95€

Czech Cuisine

Fried Cheese  6,95€
Chicken Schnitzel  7,95€


French Fries 3,95€
Papadam 2,45€
Vegetable Salad 2,45€
Rice 1,95€


Fruit Plate small 4,95€
Fruit Plate large 6,95€
Icecream 4,95€
Coconut Pancake 4,95€
Chocolate Pancake 4,95€
Banana Pancake 4,95€

Cold Drinks

Coca - Cola 0,3 l 1,49€
Fanta 0,3 l 1,49€
Still Water 1,5 l 1,49€
Sodovka 0,3 l 1,49€
Sprite 0,3 l 1,49€
Tonic 0,3 l 1,49€

Fresh Fruit Juices

Pineapple 0,3 l 2,99€
Banana 0,3 l 2,99€
Lime Juice 0,3 l 2,99€
Lime Soda 0,3 l 2,99€
Mango 0,3 l 2,99€
Mixed Fruit 0,3 l 2,99€
Papaya 0,3 l 2,99€

Hot Drinks

Pot of Tea 2,49€
Pot of Local Coffee 2,99€
Pot of Green Tea 2,99€
Espresso 2,99€
Double Espresso 3,49€
Cappuccino 3,99€
Latté 4,25€

Lassi - Yoghurt Cocktail

Pineapple 0,3 l 2,99€
Banana 0,3 l 2,99€
Mango 0,3 l 2,99€
Mixed Fruit 0,3 l 2,99€
Papaya 0,3 l 2,99€

Milk Cocktails

Pineapple 0,3 l 3,49€
Banana 0,3 l 3,49€
Mango 0,3 l 3,49€
Mixed Fruit 0,3 l 3,49€
Papaya 0,3 l 3,49€


Lion Lager 3,99€


Banana Colada 5,99€
Cuba Libre 5,99€
Daiquiri 6,99€
Gin Fizz 6,99€
Ladja Gin Tonic 5,99€
Gin Tonic 5,99€
Long Iceland Ice Tea 7,99€
Mojito 5,99€
Piňa Colada 5,99€
Sex on the Beach 5,99€
Sri Lanka Libre 4,99€

Alcoholic beverages

Sri Lanka Arack 3,49€
Old Arack 3,99€
Dark Rum 3,99€
Gin 3,99€
Vodka 3,99€
White Rum 3,99€